This is Not My First Time Around the Korean Block

But, this is a new blog. It’s not about what has happened before, where I’ve been or even where I’m going. It’s about now and about this new adventure. In the days, weeks, months, years to come, I’m going to share this adventure with anyone who wants to enjoy reading it. This isn’t for attention (which is bullshit, since if it wasn’t, why would I be bringing this blog to your attention?) … mostly. I do hope you enjoy it. But, it’s mostly about carrying a site of record, just as I did before. But, unlike before, this one is now open and available to all.

And, it’s a fresh start. Everyone needs an opportunity to reboot once in a while. Or else things get a little too cluttered, the narrative gets a little caught up in the story, rather than just tell the story. It’s the story that makes these blogs about people teaching English in South Korea so interesting. Also, pictures of new places, new faces, foods and, of course, Konglish.

I’m excited about this latest adventure but I’m also cautious. Like I said, this is not my first time around the Korean block. But, I can say with some confidence, it will certainly be the longest.

As Johnny Carson’s commercial break display used to say: More to come.

Image November 2005

ImageFebruary 2010

Image October 2012


One thought on “This is Not My First Time Around the Korean Block

  1. […] But, eventually, long after the dust settled on Tim Armstrong’s “Grassroots” conferences in October 2010–where we stayed at luxury hotels and drowned ourselves in bottomless booze and optimism at three Patch coming out parties in New York, Chicago and San Francisco that now feel like a very, very long time ago–once the belts started tightening a little more, then a little more, then a little more, I realized I needed to go back to Korea. […]

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