… for the Last Time

An interesting feeling that comes near the end of something long-term and near the beginning of something else long-term is the feeling that you have done something “for the last time.”

Tonight, that feeling was shaving my head.

Freshly shaved for you.

As I was setting to the task I realized this would likely be the last time I did such a thing before I left on Feb. 12 for South Korea. And, that gave me pause. Because, while it may not seem like such a monumental thing, it’s the last. The last I will do in Morristown, the last I will do in this house that, while it has not been a life-altering haven where I have met my besties 4EVA, it’s still a passage of time.

There are other things I have done “for the last time” during this most recent end of one adventure and subsequent start of the next adventure, but tonight it was shaving my head that caused me to stop and think about the passage of time and how things die, only for other things to be born.

Of course, since I have over a month still before I go to Korea, I may shave it again and this soliloquy might be all bunk. We’ll have to take that risk.


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