Not Just Moving Onto the Next Adventure

I do want to acknowledge moments I will miss, and that I did not just leave one adventure for another because I didn’t know what else to do.

I endeavor to do that for the final 15 days I will ever spend as an employee of Patch, which, if anyone reading this has been employed by or known someone employed by, knows it’s more than just employment. To its detriment, and to ours eventually. It’s also the final 15 or so days I will spend a resident of Morristown. I have already filed my change of address form to have mail forwarded to my dad’s house, which I have not lived in since 2006.

The 12 days I will have after, unemployed, sleeping late, taking in time with family and friends down the shore, will be another story of attempted reflection I will save for then. I just wanted to acknowledge there will be moments here I will miss.

Marzipan: She can sometimes be a bit of a bitch. Or, maybe just misunderstood.

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