They’re Not Called ‘Love Motels’ for Nothing

Still facing jetlag, falling asleep at 9pm and waking up at 2am does have its advantages. Well, that I guess is up for interpretation.

The Blue Moon Hotel, located in lovely Jangnim (or is this Dadaepo?), is serviceable enough. It has a bed, Internet, a big TV, toilet paper and a hot shower. But, this type of hotel, often referred to as “love motels,” did not gain that name because the people who go to them love them so much they have to come back.

Think “no tell motels.” Walking down the dark hallway to Room 506, the one with the dollhouse like furniture and oh-so-pretty bedding…



many of the rooms are open, waiting for their next customers. One of those rooms earlier this evening was 505, the room next door.

By about 2am, it was occupied. And, my friends, these walls are thin.


Through this lovely, wallpapered wall, are the sounds of passionate, intense love. No, I’m just kidding: it sounded like Asian porn, the kind where you wonder for a moment if she is actually enjoying herself. To be honest, I felt kind of dirty for it.

So, now it’s 4am. I’m talking to Amanda in New Jersey, where it’s now 2pm. By her insistence, I wrote about this lovely introduction to my “love motel” experience. These are the moments we’ll treasure forever.


4 thoughts on “They’re Not Called ‘Love Motels’ for Nothing

  1. Wow. Sounds… um… interesting. I’m also totally amazed by the furniture and kind of curious about the tv too. How long will you be staying at this LURVE motel?

    1. Hey, Naomi! I only had to stay there for about three days. I moved into my apartment on Saturday, and it’s much, much better. Still very Korean looking but not “WTF KOREA” looking. I’ll be posting photos soon.

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