Welcome Home

I am fully moved in to my Korean apartment. There is still plenty to do to really make this “house” a home. I am very happy that this “ah-pa-tuh” is about double the size of the one I had in 2010. That one, in the busier, less blue-collar section of the city called Deokcheon, made me feel claustrophobic. This one, here in Jangnim, can be a refuge when I inevitably get a little Korea-d out and need my own space.

Without further adieu, here is your 500 won tour:





6 thoughts on “Welcome Home

    1. Thanks, Brett. Yeah, washers in the kitchen is standard issue in every Korean apartment I’ve seen. And, even though I have seen more than a few Samsung dryers in the U.S., I have only seen one dryer in Korea, at a college, and it sucked. Go figure.

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