The ‘City’ Below

I use quotation marks for city only because Jangnim, not (yet, hopefully in 2014) on the subway line, is in a lot of ways a world away from Busan proper. One girl posting on the Saha-gu Foreigner and Friends Facebook page commented that this area feels like a more authentic Korea. The only foreign food easily accessible is in the food of cereal at Home Plus or the Chinese restaurants owned by Koreans. For Indian, you’ll have to take the bus to the nearest subway station, then travel about 5 or 6 stops to the next hub. 

And, it’s slowly becoming OK. Is there adjustment passed? Thankfully, yes. Is there adjustment still to come? Surely. But, I’m adjusting.

And, with that, here is the city below, as seen from the public balcony located just outside my apartment:

This mini golf-like concrete slab is just outside my apartment (those barred windows lead inside). Perhaps barbecue will be in my future in the summer.




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