Welcome Home Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

I had a great night last night. It was kind of your standard Korea Night Out: dinner at a galbi place, followed by a hang out at a bar and then Noraebang, where I performed such staples as Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” and GnR’s “November Rain,” accompanied by friends.

But, this post is not about that. My camera’s batteries died and I didn’t bring it. Sorry! I am planning on doing more photo galleries of my time here that are not in my apartment, I promise.

Though, I will restate what I had mentioned before in an earlier post: domesticity, at least for me, is very important in order to maintain sanity here. My friend Sam noted his apartment is Little America, a sovereign nation smack in the middle of the Kyungsung University area of Busan. Mine is located on the fifth floor of this clean, efficient apartment building in Jangnim, which will eventually have its own subway station. For now, Bus 1001 will do just fine.

I picked up a few life necessity things Saturday, too. Smaller stuff, mostly, like an extra plate, this stuff to clean the washing machine (which was beginning to go a bit off), a couple plants and … coffee! I have yet to try it with the 4,000 won ($4) French Press I picked up at the cheapo store. I’ll let you know how that works out.

For now, here is the 1,000 won tour of my apartment (inflation, man. Just last week it was only 500).

Family and friends: 7,000 miles apart but as close as where I keep my groceries. Always thinking of you.
A little bit of Korean elementary school art.
I left my umbrella resting next to a food vendor in Hadan Friday morning. Luckily, my fellow foreign teacher, Michael, had one to spare.
I need to get more picture frames. The former teacher that lived here must have put up a lot, as hooks are strewn all over the walls. This one, however, was without any latch to hook to the wall. So, the photo of Amanda stabbing me after the last play I did will have to say “goodnight” to me everytime I turn off the light for now.
This one did have a hook/latch/thingy.
A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen!
Picked up a step-down converter from an outgoing teacher on Friday. Now, if I could only figure out how to switch this Korean TV to the channel I can play PS2 on, we would be in serious business.

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