Big Pimpin’

This question goes out to all of you other hagwon teachers out there.

Have you found yourself, at the beginning or end of the public school semester, big pimpin’? I did, on Monday, along with my fellow foreign teacher, as well as everyone else.


Those are the collective of my co-workers at my school. Our director, who also teaches classes, is out there. Hell, even the bus drivers are out there.

Complete with our sashes (or bands, as one of my co-teachers called it), we were big pimpin’ our school among a number of other tutors. At several locations, with promotional materials in hand, as the elementary school children made their way to their first day of classes, we let them know they and their parents should consider our school for their extra studies.

It makes sense. This is a business. And, without customers, you don’t have a business. We weren’t the only ones (well, Michael and I were the only foreigners. I saw at least one other English language school but no other foreigners). Tutors for art, math and what have you also were out in force, hoping to drum up some fresh business.

And while it seemed a little weird (and really chilly) at first, we commiserated together, foreign and Korean teachers, in the general awkwardness of the process.

And, then we had a really good lunch near Dadaepo Beach. Again, I’m sorry, but my camera died before we got there. So, you will have to enjoy some more photos from our chilly morning big pimpin’ stylee.

I was born to wear a sash (or band).
Another tutor, promo materials in hand, waits on a cold Monday morning for the littlins to show up.
Somehow, this is un-posed.



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