Celebrating One Month in Korea With Mixed Bag Memories, Eggs

Time doesn’t stop. Whether you’re miserable or on top of the moon, time does not stop. Though, I wonder if time flows differently on the moon?

Today marks one month here in South Korea. This time last month, I was on a plane from JFK International Airport in New York to Seoul-Incheon Airport.

A month may not seem like much to some, but for some perspective: the first time I was in South Korea, in 2005, I lasted only 40 days. In 2010, I think it was 55 days, though I have always rounded up when telling people. Shh!

So, for me, even a month spent not just “lasting” here but actually enjoying my time and making the most of it is a significant milestone.

So, this morning, I celebrated with poached eggs.

Because I love poached eggs.

And now, I am going to keep the celebration going with a mix of various photos from my first month back in South Korea. Enjoy.

Saying goodbye to the U.S.
Saying goodbye to my best friend.
Saying goodbye to the soil-y bonds of Earth, and the U.S.
In flight.
In flight beer.
In flight meal.
In flight John.
First three nights in the “love motel.” You are not missed.


And, we’re back. Here’s to (at least) 11 more months of photos.


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