Dadaepo Beach, Noon on a Tuesday

Busan’s lesser-known beach. Not Haeundae, Gwangali or even Songdo. Who knows if, when the subway extension finally makes its way down there in one or two years, the secret’s out? Its Sunset Fountain of Dream is certainly an attraction, but perhaps not enough for some to make the trek.

Tuesday at noon in mid-March is a time where almost any beach is likely to be quiet. So, I hopped Bus 96 from Jangnim, sailed past my usual exit near my school and finally explored just past it, into Dadaepo proper, finally, to Daedaepo Beach.


In a way, it felt a little like I was home, if home felt like Korea. I grew up about 15 minutes from the ocean, and know what the Boardwalk looks like not only during its summer peak, but also when the Bennys (anyone from New Jersey would be familiar with the term) locked up their vacation homes and headed back to New York.

Dadaepo Beach on Tuesday felt a lot like the latter. It’s still open for the locals and waiting for the tourists to return. Until then, work continues, if slower. The area in general feels slower than a lot of Busan, which in turn I have been told is slower than Seoul.

And, at noon on a weekday, it’s even slower.


Korea: Always under construction. This construction in a year or two will lead to a new subway stop.




My boss said all this construction is for some kind of theme park, which has apparently been going on for several years.


I am excited to see what all the newly-planted pine trees will make this area look like when they have matured.



2 thoughts on “Dadaepo Beach, Noon on a Tuesday

  1. John, I don’t know if it’s feasible, but I’d LOVE a Korean sand sample for my marine sand comparison lab. Let me know! -Shannon

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