I Will Walk 500km

And, I will walk 500 more, as long as this $17 pair of slip-ons I bought at Target before I came here hold out.

Thanks to my friends Sam, Jenna and Hye ri for coming out with me to Geumyeonsan on Sunday as a kind of observed birthday event. It’s always good to be able to stretch ones birthday out for nearly an entire week. 



Geumyeonsan is a little different than Gudeoksan, which I hiked with a couple other friends last month. That one had fewer creature comforts. This one had several maekkoli stops along the way. We ended up getting ours down on the ground at a CU. It’s cheaper.

But, still, several hours walking, climbing and navigating our way to the top is going to make you sweat. So will pumping iron!

Or, stone. Apparently a leftover from the set of the last Flinstones movie.


Thanks, guys, for a great, healthful way to celebrate my birthday–observed.


One comment

  1. I will walk as well with my dog 500 Km’s. Can wait to see the experience at the end of the journey. How long did it toke you to do it? And what was an average distance daily?

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