One Photo Every Day I’m in Korea

While I love to write, and it’s what I did as a paid profession over much of a decade, sometimes a picture can tell a better, more complete story than any words–the return to Korea and one of the first sights at the airport, the sunrise, soft amidst a misty sky, a giant wooden penis and man dressed like a soju bottle.

Or, I may just be lazy and not feel like writing. In either case, I have set up a Facebook page where I will post a photo for every day I am here in Korea, creatively titled, “One Photo Every Day I’m in Korea.” As it’s now nearly three months since I actually came to Korea, I will back-fill a little before now where possible. But, from this point on, each day will have a photo posted that will hopefully crystalize the mood of that particular moment and day during this experience. Please check it out, “like” it, comment on any photos you like and can perhaps connect with through your own experiences, in Korea or elsewhere.

One Photo Every Day I’m in Korea



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