I Have Been All Over the World

I have been all over the world.
Though my feet have only touched
parts of the U.S., Canada, South Korea, Cambodia,
China (if only a few hours) and the Czech Republic (too long ago),
the dirty dead skin fallen from the pads of my bi-peds
has been swirled with others in Denmark, Iceland and Laos.
The hair on my arms my students
cannot help but brush as I brush past them,
has fallen off in twos and threes,
caught in a cool breeze and found their way to Belize.
The water to wash blood from pavement
After a tumble on an ill-advised bicycle rumble
down the steep slope behind my college dorm,
was treated in a facility somewhere in western New York,
bottled from a tap by someone passing through,
on their way to Timbuktu,
or maybe New Jersey.
In the Garden State, I cannot imagine where
decades of me
can be by now?
All the skin, hair, sputum and semen that has mingled with yours,
In Los Angeles, Pretoria, Tehran and Busan.
We’re all travelers of the world. And beyond.
It’s possible I swept Chris Hadfield’s
Zero G-clipped finger nails from my floor this morning.
And my DNA is light years away,
the stuff of collapsing stars.



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