Don’t Forget to Dance


I hesitated posting this when my friend, who has organized a January Fitness Challenge, challenged everyone participating to participate in “Wiggle It Wednesday.” Dance like no one is watching and so on. I soon relented a small part of my fear and posted just to our page. Notice, however, that I used Vimeo instead of YouTube. Less evidence.

But, that’s silly. So is this video. But, so what? What if someone will laugh at me? After seeing this video, one would have to ask: isn’t that the point? If we take ourselves too seriously, we forget to dance. And dancing can be one of the most therapeutic outlets we have in the stress ball that is our never-ending, often self-deprecating, self-defeating heads. So, don’t forget to dance. You’re welcome to dance to the original Transformers theme song, as performed by Lion, or not.


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