Samick Beach Town, Gwangalli, Busan

So, that’s what that deathtrap of a waterpark looked like when it was still open.

The excellent Designersparty (a photo and video art project that you should absolutely follow on Facebook) posted this photo recently. For those who don’t know, this is Samick Beach Town. It apparently was built in Busan in the 1970s, long before Gwangan became the absolute go-to place for both locals and foreigners it is today. Before the Diamond Bridge became an iconic image on the horizon. Before the entire area became enveloped in high rises and commerce.

I have heard some unconfirmed scuttlebutt that these are soon to be demolished, to make way for what, I don’t know. More chain apartment blocks like Lotte, Prugio, Xii and LH that can be seen everywhere in Korea? Something unique to Gwangan? I don’t know. But, I would love to. I would also love to know what these look like inside, and how they have held up over the past 40-something years.

If you or someone you know occupies that kitschy apartment blocks, leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Samick Beach Town, Gwangalli, Busan

  1. I looked at a few apartments there when trying to find an apartment to rent. You can also see some. All you need to do is go to a realtor’s office nearby and they’ll show you some. 🙂

  2. Kitschy is a real stretch from the inside. Nothing ironic about cockroaches, that place is riddled. A friend was placed there by her hagwon boss during her stint here. She managed 4 months before pushing them to relocate her. Ive visited another too with a prime side-on sea view. The living room window overlooks the apartment opposite (what a waste), but if u go sit on the khazi and lean forward a bit, on your left you have a glorious view overlooking the ocean. Best in Gwangan. Some achievement that, surrounded by water on three sides yet most residents can’t see shit.

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