3 Stops, 3 Tips for the Best UK Beer Tour (The American)

Thanks to The American magazine (a great publication for American expats living and working in Britain), I can now share my first article published in Britain. I have now been published in the United States, South Korea and Britain! Where next?

My girlfriend and I left our lives in South Korea (some tales from this time can be read on this site, which used to primarily chronicle my life in The Land of Morning Calm before becoming my online portfolio) on March 4 and travelled through Vietnam, England, Scotland and Iceland before arriving in the U.S. on April 5. Along the way, we enjoyed lots of great food and lots (and lots) of great beer, some of which has been written on in this article. After seeing family and friends in New Jersey and Missouri, we’ll be setting off on a road trip across much of the lower 48 (more to come on this)…

For now, please enjoy this article, on pages 54 and 55, which provides our brief guide on how to enjoy Britain’s craft beer boom through our stops in London, Manchester and Edinburgh!


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